Tips from a master

So far I've made an effort to stay away from getting self referential and doing drawings about these drawings (I've promised myself never to do an 'I don't know what to draw' drawing, or an 'I'm too hungover to draw' one at least), but this was pretty special.

Theo van den Boogaard is an incredible Dutch comic artist with exactly the kind of sharp and stylish clear line style that I aspire to achieve in my own work. I'm lucky enough to work with one of his nephews who was kind enough to help me set me up a meeting yesterday, and it was great. It was an honour to meet him and he had a lot of really insightful and helpful advice for me. Look out.

I won't be posting for a few days now as I'm off to Belgium tonight for a music festival. See you all with some (probably pretty messy) new festival drawings on Monday.

Life Feels Cruel

Apologies apologies. Guy's passing this week has really thrown me off anything resembling a normal routine. It's been hard to keep motivated with this this week when it feels like there are bigger things to worry about.

In better news, I promised I'd post a link to some photos of the mural - this is Sonya's website - you can probably find photos of a few other things I've drawn on here if you look hard enough. The mural still isn't finished, but it's getting there - love to know what you think of it!

Captain Toby


The mural begins

So I've gotten my blog drawings all out of kilter because I just spent the weekend painting this huge mural. It's still not finished but I'll post a link to some photos of it to make up for messing with the blog. It was fun drawing big for a change.