#2: Brendan Moran

Indigo band booker, Batrider Manager, 2003

My old band Batrider had our first ever gig at Indigo in Wellington, New Zealand on the 11th of August 2003. After we finished I noticed Brendan Moran - drummer of the legendary Hasselhoff Experiment and recently hired Indigo booker - at the end of the bar and plucked up the courage to ask him what he thought. "Heard it all before" he said.

But before long we'd won him over and soon he became our manager. There wasn't much to manage at that stage but most days after practicing our six songs we'd head down to Indigo and find Brendan in his spot at the end of bar - Macs Gold in one hand, ciggie in the other. He'd tell us which bands not to play with (most of them), which gigs not to take (most of them), and which labels not to talk to (all of them).