Classmates, flatmates, ex-girlfriends and the drummer from that old band. Childhood buddies, former rugby teammates, workmates, even Pete from Pete's Icecream Parlour. '200 People I Used To Know' will be exactly that - portraits and memories of 200 different people I've crossed paths with over the years.

I'm not going to post everyday this year - instead they'll be more in depth posts and I'm going to try to aim for 4 a week. I'm aiming to hand paint the odd one here are there in full colour and there'll be a whole new component of writing here.

This idea was sparked by my recent trip home to NZ after several years away and the long nights of catching up with family and old friends. They will be people I'm not currently in regular contact with - some I haven't seen for years and may likely never see again, and some I still consider good friends I'm just not currently in touch with. Also - it isn't supposed to be a comprehensive catalogue or a complete historical record, just a loose collection of memorable characters and (hopefully) funny stories. The portraits will be just how I remember the person and no doubt the stories will be my sometimes foggy recollections and perspectives on things - so let's not treat it as concrete facts. The way the internet works I'm sure some of the people I draw will find their way here and back into my life. That could get interesting.

Let's see how this goes - it's all a bit of an experiment, but I'm really excited about starting something new. Any questions, thoughts, feedback etc I'd love to hear it - leave a comment below. Yeah!