I'm back!

Hi there, long time no post.

I've just got from a nice long break - home to New Zealand for 3 weeks to see family and friends and then a week in the Phillipines. It was good to get away for a while, have a break from work and have some time to think about what I'm doing with this blog.

So a few good news items. First is that plans are still coming along for putting 2009's drawings into a book. I don't want to say too much more until it's all confirmed, but it's looking pretty exciting. Working title is 'Alledaags: A year in Amsterdam'. I'll let you know more as things firm up, but watch this space.

Next, relevant only really for Amsterdammers, is that Time Out Amsterdam magazine, starting with the current January issue, are printing one of the drawings in each issue this year. And they've asked me to do them in colour. I've done two so far (first one above), hand painted, and I think they look pretty cool, so check the Time Out for those. For New Zealanders there is an article on me and this blog (and Sonya too) in the excellent Extra Curricular which is edited and designed by my good friend Ellie Smith and comes highly recommended.

The last piece of news is that starting this week I'm going to take this blog in a different direction for the year. I loved doing the Amsterdam diary drawings but I'm worried about starting to repeat or limit myself. With the year's worth of diary drawing being collected as a book it seems like a perfect time to wrap that period up and start on a new, fresh project. I'll post a title page and the general gist of the new project soon, but I'm writing this to give you a heads up - change is afoot. Hurray!