#13: Phil Datsun

Guitarist, The Datsuns, Early 2000s

I first met The Datsuns through a hat. This was before they made it big overseas, when they were playing little pubs around New Zealand and putting on a show like they were playing stadiums.

I went to see them at Valve in Wellington and they tore the place up. In between songs, midset, guitarist Phil grabbed the mic, pointed right at me and yelled "This song is for the guy with the coolest hat in the world!" I was wearing a weird blue St Louis Cardinals trucker cap I had bought earlier that day. I thought it was pretty cool but it was only a dollar and I wasn't super attached to it, so when the set finished I approached Phil and slammed the hat onto his head. He earned it.

Not long after that they went off and conquered the world. I heard Phil wore my hat on Letterman.