#6: Nothing Vegetarian

Fish'n'chip shop man, 2002-2004

One day we found a fish'n'chip shop across the road from our Webb St flat. It could have been new, it could have been there for years. There was no sign on the outside and inside it looked like the sort of dark and empty space that would have bodies buried under the floor. The was nothing at all on the walls, and instead of a big painted blackboard above the counter the menu was a single A4 piece of paper taped to the window. Behind the counter was a filthy broken old man, and he didn't look happy to see us.

Someone piped up: "Are your spring rolls vegetar..."
"NOTHING VEGETARIAN" he snapped. We didn't press it any further.

That became the name of both the shop and the man. But his chips were good and he was right across the road so we became regulars - we just didn't ask questions.