#19: Ben Butcher

Guitarist, Baseball, The Assassination Collective. Melbourne Music Photographer 2005-2007

If you've seen a decent rock gig in Melbourne in the last five years I'd say you probably know Ben Butcher. Lanky spidery guy? Always up the front taking photos with the crazy grin and the wild eyes? Slightly shabby but extremely enthusiastic? Plays guitar in Baseball? Yeah that's the guy.

Ben is one of those people who no matter what band you're watching, good or bad - you can always just watch him and get so much pleasure out of seeing just how much he loves music, the scummier and wilder and weirder the better. Whether you're watching him play or take photos the guy is always buzzing with energy, so excited, so alive.

And he's talented too - these days I just follow his blog and imagine his crazy grin and his laugh as he takes each shot.