#25: Paul Guest

Flatmate, Sar St, 1999

When I was 18 I moved out of home and into my first flat. Paul Guest was a mate who was looking for a place at the same time - I liked him but some friends who had lived with him the year before had words of warning. "He uses so much toilet paper", they said. "It doesn't sound like a problem, but trust us, it is." I thought they were joking and soon he moved into Sar St with me and Kannika and Ratanak.

But they were right! I don't know what he did with that stuff but toilet paper was disappearing faster than we could buy it! Before long we each had our own secret stash in our own rooms, and Paul started using the phone book.

The landlord came around for a flat inspection, saw the torn up yellow pages next to the toilet and started getting angry. Paul said "No, it's fine, I'm only using pages we're never going to need".