#35: Dylan Herkes

Stink Magnetic Head Honcho, 1999 - Present

Stink Magnetic is possibly the greatest underground record label of all time. Thing is, they don't sell records, or even CDs. They specialise in cassettes.

I first came across the Stink via an handmade photocopied zine-style catalogue I found in Slow Boat Records in Wellington. Intrigued, I put a few bucks in the mail and before I knew it some tapes arrived all the way from Palmerston North. Straight away I knew I was Stink Magnetic fan for life - High-tone Destroyers, Pro Drag, High Plains Drifters, they were all amazing. SM specialised in incredible home-recorded garage rock'n'roll and surf tapes, with handmade covers with a crazy old b-movie feel.

After a while I got to know founder Dylan Herkes (calling himself 'Phats' at that time) who it turned out played in half the bands too - from the garage chaos of Pro Drag, to the caveman stoner rock of Voodoo Savage and His Savages to the experimental surf of The Chandeliers. On top of all that I secretly think that maybe, just maybe, he knows the true secret identity of surf legend the Mysterious Tapeman.

The man is a genius, seriously.

Alledaags Launch

So Friday afternoon we had the launch of the exhibition and the book with an amazing BBQ at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Amazing not only for the great food and and all the people who came along and supported the book (sold out the first run already!), but also because the sun actually came out. For real. Thanks everyone who helped organise it, and everyone who made it along, was a great way to celebrate.

As I mentioned before, the book is now available to order here (and there's a button up in the corner there), thanks again to everyone who has ordered one so far!

Now, back to the 200 people!

Alledaags is available!

I've been talking about it for a while, and it's finally here! Alledaags collects all my diary drawings from 2009, as originally featured right here. It's hardcover, 125mm x 190mm and 354 pages. And it looks great! Order here!

Also, for those in Amsterdam, the exhibition and book launch party is tonight. Wieden+Kennedy, 258 Herengracht - roll up after 8. I can't wait - will post some photos of the exhibition/party/book soon.

#34: Martin Soh

Hampton Hill Primary Classmate, 1988

One day Martin Soh told me he was a ghost. He said if I tried to touch him my hand would pass through him.

So I punched him in the face. Sorry about that Martin.

#33: Fat Lips

Sandwich Queen, 2009

Most of last year our default quick and easy lunch at work was a BLT from Fat Lips at the bakery around the corner. You'd have to get Fat Lips herself to make it - no one else could do it like her. Sure, sometimes dogs would come into the shop and she'd feed them by hand with the meat right out of whatever sandwich she was making, but she was generous with the bacon and she dished out the mayo like there was no tomorrow.

This year I came back from Christmas holidays and the shop was gone. I miss you Fat Lips! Where did you go?


So I've been a little tied up getting everything ready for the book of the last year's Amsterdam diary work - well, I'm glad to say it's all done and sitting at the printers right now.

I'm doing an exhibition of all the drawings at my work (Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam) which opens next friday - the 5pm BBQ is for w+k staff, but if anyone else wants to come along just let me know, and roll up about 8ish. And we'll move the party down the road to Soundgarden later on.
There will be a limited number of books available at the party, and after that I'll have a website set up where everyone can place orders for the larger second run. And I'm organising stockists now too. Exciting times!

#32: Mark Gibson

Campbell Primary Classmate, 1990-1991

Mark was one of the first friends I made at Campbell - we bonded over a mutual love of both sports and computer games. When I met him he'd just returned from living in LA for a few years and his house was packed with all sorts of amazing American pro-sports paraphernalia. Coming from NZ at that time I had only seen that kind of thing in movies - baseball cards, plastic figurines, glossy posters, replica jerseys - and I was instantly seduced by it.

The coolest thing he had though was a copy of the now-classic 1989 basketball game Lakers vs Celtics. Man, we played that thing to death. He obviously had dibs on the Lakers so I always had to be Bird and the Celtics, and from then to this day I've considered myself a Boston fan.

#31: Trilby Crowther

Music promoter 2003-2005

At the same time Batrider was getting going, Trilby Crowther was starting out in the music industry - managing bands, booking venues, promoting gigs. In June 2003 she booked us a long weekend of gigs in Auckland including a spot on the daytime TV chat show Good Morning (which was weird, needless to say) and a gig at the Kings Arms with up-and-coming new band The Mint Chicks.

We were pretty excited about our first time on the road and in the van ride up it occurred to us that touring bands get a rider - so we called Trilby up and made a list of our preferred drinks. Sam was on the phone but everyone in the van could hear her yell - "You're not the Rolling Stones yet!". We were all laughing and cheering. "She said YET!"