#31: Trilby Crowther

Music promoter 2003-2005

At the same time Batrider was getting going, Trilby Crowther was starting out in the music industry - managing bands, booking venues, promoting gigs. In June 2003 she booked us a long weekend of gigs in Auckland including a spot on the daytime TV chat show Good Morning (which was weird, needless to say) and a gig at the Kings Arms with up-and-coming new band The Mint Chicks.

We were pretty excited about our first time on the road and in the van ride up it occurred to us that touring bands get a rider - so we called Trilby up and made a list of our preferred drinks. Sam was on the phone but everyone in the van could hear her yell - "You're not the Rolling Stones yet!". We were all laughing and cheering. "She said YET!"