#35: Dylan Herkes

Stink Magnetic Head Honcho, 1999 - Present

Stink Magnetic is possibly the greatest underground record label of all time. Thing is, they don't sell records, or even CDs. They specialise in cassettes.

I first came across the Stink via an handmade photocopied zine-style catalogue I found in Slow Boat Records in Wellington. Intrigued, I put a few bucks in the mail and before I knew it some tapes arrived all the way from Palmerston North. Straight away I knew I was Stink Magnetic fan for life - High-tone Destroyers, Pro Drag, High Plains Drifters, they were all amazing. SM specialised in incredible home-recorded garage rock'n'roll and surf tapes, with handmade covers with a crazy old b-movie feel.

After a while I got to know founder Dylan Herkes (calling himself 'Phats' at that time) who it turned out played in half the bands too - from the garage chaos of Pro Drag, to the caveman stoner rock of Voodoo Savage and His Savages to the experimental surf of The Chandeliers. On top of all that I secretly think that maybe, just maybe, he knows the true secret identity of surf legend the Mysterious Tapeman.

The man is a genius, seriously.