#47: Martin Molloy

Comic artist, Season To Taste, comics friend, 1999-2004

Martin was the first fellow cartoonist I ever met. He contacted me when I started doing my first strip in Salient and if you have a copy of the collected 'The Droid You're Looking For' you can pinpoint the date we met by the sudden introduction of hatching, mid-tones and areas of black about half way through. His first comment to me: "Your work looks like a bad colouring book".

It was nice to met someone who understood what I was trying to do. We became good friends and he helped introduce me to the world of local alternative comics. We spent a lot of time drawing together at his drafty old flat in Newtown - sitting at the kitchen table with a box of beers, the elements on the stove on full to heat the room in winter. He was a great writer - clever, inventive, funny, and a great illustrator too - he had multiple styles he swapped between, all equally strong. He played with comic language and conventions in new and intelligent ways and I'm sure if things had panned out differently he could've got a break and made a big name for himself.

Last I bumped into him it seemed like he wasn't drawing so much anymore. I hope he gets into it again at some stage.