#54: James Webster

Hampton Hill classmate, 1987-1990

After WWF cards and before Ninja Turtle cards, Garbage Gang stickers were the coolest thing in the Hampton Hill playground. I never had any - my Mum thought they were a waste of money - but I was used to it, it never worried me too much.

James Webster was this really quiet kid from another class, who I never really had much to do with. One day he pulled me aside and put a huge pile of the stickers in my hand. I was confused but he said they were all his swaps and he wanted me to have them. I guess he was trying to be nice but the gesture sat uncomfortably in my mind for a long time and was never resolved. Did he think I was a charity case? How and why did he notice that I never had any? Was he expecting something in return? Or was he just trying to reach out for a friend?