#60: Adrian McKenzie

Manager - The Factory, Morrissey impersonator, 2004

We met Adrian through his rehearsal space The Factory. We actually couldn't afford to practice there but Adrian used to give us room time and gear hire for giving the place a vacuum once a week and chucking all the beer cans in the recycling bin. He spent most of his time alone in his office drinking cups of tea being brooding and vaguely poetic, so it made sense to us when he became Morrissey in a Smiths tribute band.

I saw him once on TV, special guest on a retro music video show. He was perched on an inflatable armchair, trying to keep a tea steady while the host threw stupid questions around and hit him on the head with a giant foam hand. Adrian stayed perfectly Mozza-miserable, rolled his eyes and said "the real Morrissey would never be treated like this".