#66: Tim Costeloe

Art teacher, Wellington College, 1994-1998

Mr Costeloe was probably my favourite teacher I've ever had. And seeing as he was my art teacher every year of high school and I never studied art again he is actually responsible for almost 100% of my formal art education.

He was a funny guy with a strange sense of humour and the ability to appear perpetually frustrated and flustered. He'd pace around the classroom muttering away, and while he liked to act like he was annoyed with us all he was actually an extremely generous teacher, full of passion and patience. We drove each other up the walls over the years but by the end of school I came to appreciate everything he'd done for me and the huge role he played in developing both my skills and confidence as an artist.

The ultimate praise you could get from Costeloe was called a 'marvelous'. When you'd really nailed something he'd throw both hands up, lean back and boom it out in joy. To this day when I put the finishing touches on something I'm really proud of I say it to myself: "MAAAARvelous!"