#76: Mark Cubey

Arts Industry Man About Town

Mark Cubey always has his fingers in a lot of pies.

#75: The Owl

My first boss, 1991

I got my first job when I was 11. The boys would all meet at the newsagent at dawn and the Owl would drop us off at office buildings with a stack of magazines and newspapers that we'd sell in the lobby. A few hours later he'd pick us all up in his rusty tan coloured van and drop us at school, and if he was in a good mood he'd drive really fast around bends so we could play corners in the back.

The Owl had the most magnificent eyebrows I've ever seen. Majestic, sweeping things, like the tails of two startled cats.

#74: Shona Reeves

Flatmate, Tweede Rozendwarsstraat, Amsterdam, 2008-2009

Shona is the greatest listener you'll ever meet. No matter what you're talking about she'll look you in the eyes, smile, and say with emphasis: "Exactly."

Shona looking you right in the eyes is a beautiful thing. Along with my sister Elizabeth and David Bowie she is the third member of my 'people with different coloured eyes' club, and that's a pretty incredible collection of people.

#73: Fake Pete

Lookalike, 2002

The real Pete was a bit creepy and left town in disgrace. Fake Pete started showing up around town, at all the same gigs and bars. Same glasses and goatee, same weird stare. It took us about 6 months to finally ask if he was Pete. He was. Things got confusing.

One name. One face. Two guys.

#72: Sam Auger

Wieden+Kennedy colleague, 2008

When I started my new job in Amsterdam everybody at work had the impression that New Zealanders were the most friendly, laid-back people on earth. Sam Auger was to thank for that.

We only crossed paths for a month or so but it didn't take long to see why everyone loved him so much. He walked around the office barefoot chatting and laughing with everybody and he was warm and welcoming to me too. He left to rejoin the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra on a world tour which seemed like a pretty fair enough reason to me.

#71: Kane Goulter

Bassist - Xanadu, Die Die Die, 2003-2004

You know when you meet someone who seems too cool and you try to be cool too but you say something really stupid? Then every time you see them after that you get self-conscious and end up saying something even stupider?

In 2004 we toured New Zealand with Die Die Die and I spent two weeks with my foot in my mouth around Kane who is one of those people who always has something witty to say about anything and everything.