'Not drawing' drawings

So I haven't been drawing. There are many reasons: Work, Travel, Summer dropping by (BBQs, our boat) and lots of general impending baby action. I'm writing a 12 page comic for the next post and it's taking longer than I thought. We're weighing up a lot of big questions.

I said to Sonya this morning that I hated 'not drawing'.

'What are you talking about?' she said. 'You're always drawing'.

She is right, I draw all the time. I can't sit still. Pads, books, coasters, walls.

Drawing for me: to practice, to loosen up, to clear my head. To get my head around something.

I've been trying to be looser in my sketches, draw half consciously, try new styles. Draw things I'm not good at drawing. Try to be simpler, clearer.

Mostly I draw faces.

Be back soon with a comic about my Great Gran. Baby name suggestions welcomed.