#98: Zelda Murray

My friend, 2000-2003

You know you're really friends with someone when you know their victory dance. Whenever Zelda got excited she'd do a little tap dance and say 'tappita tappita'.

Zelda was the vintage queen, inventor of the world's best catch phrases and all around one of the funniest people I've ever known. Miss you Zelda!

#97: Tote Pool Guys

Guys who played pool at The Tote, late at night 2004-2007

I don't actually know this guy. It's not even one particular guy. But I miss them so I guess I knew them.

In the madness of the late night Tote, they're the Tote-ist of all. Road warriors from a different planet, hunted for crimes they didn't commit. AC/DC on the jukebox, pots in hand, midnight champions.

#96: Chris Könegsburger

Older Kid, Hampton Hill Primary, 1989

Chris Könegsburger was a tough guy. Not a bully or anything, just an older, bigger, tougher guy. One day we found his trademark mirrored aviators in the playground. At first we were like 'Yay, he'll thank us and think we're cool' but then we got paranoid and decided he might think we stole them and beat us up.

So we hid them in a shrub behind the school pool and never told anyone.

#94 & 95: Clodagh and Denise

Flatmates, George St, Melbourne, 2004-06

Clodagh and Denise were the hardest drinkers I've ever known. These two Irish girls would go out for after-work drinks on a Friday and not finish drinking till Sunday morning. Usually we'd we'd wake on a Saturday morning and hear them still going strong in the lounge.

At that stage, if they were in a really good mood, they'd often be playing the car game. They'd put on cheesy French electro and walk around in circles pretending they were driving a convertible through the European countryside. Waving at the villagers, tooting their horns, scarves blowing in the breeze.

#93: Brigadier Phil Gibbons

My Dad's Mate

I always got the impression that for the soldiers of the New Zealand Army, Brigadier Phil Gibbons would have been a pretty tough, no-nonsense officer.

But I knew him in weekend mode and I picture him like that: Shorts and jandals, at the BBQ, chatting with my Dad about rugby.