Still waiting

A week overdue now. On the upside, all this sitting around home means I'm getting a lot of drawing done. This is done with some shiny new pens from Japan - I think I have a new favourite tool.

#102: Anaru

Franklyn Rd neighbourhood kid, 1987-1990

So when I left Tawa I sold my board to Anaru who lived down the road. Two seconds after he'd paid me he skated off, popped an ollie off the kerb and snapped the thing in half.


Nerding out to Jim Phillips + thinking of home + still waiting for this baby. Soon, soon.

#101: Marama

Hampton Hill Primary Classmate - 1987-1990

I didn't realise it at the time, but when I left Wellington the first time I knew that Marama was my first crush.

Ahem 2

I know, I know, it'll probably be late. But I can't keep myself from counting down.

D&D for MMP

It's not every day that you get asked to design a poster promoting a 24 hour Dungeons and Dragons marathon to raise funds to help retain New Zealand's MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) electoral system. In fact, I think it's probably the first time anyone has ever been asked to take on this mammoth task.

As it happens I'm a fan of MMP - NZ's parliament has been drastically more representative and diverse since it was introduced - so of course I said yes.
Support the brave warriors here.

8 Billion People I Don't Know: Prince Fielder

First Base, Milwaukee Brewers. Badass.

Number 450,786,202 In the series 8 Billion People I Don't Know. Designed to be a screenprinted poster, will let you know if I print some up.

Someone should make a series of alternative baseball cards. Get illustrators to draw their favourite athletes...

#100: Peter Stenhouse

My Friend, 2001-2011

There'll only ever be one Peter Stenhouse. A guy not only of immense intelligence and talent but also humility, energy and passion. He was an adventurer - always up for a mission, to try something new, to keep going, to see what was over the next hill. He was a great friend, always a good listener, always ready with a joke. And talent, shit, the guy was on another level.

And while I'm devastated Pete finds his way into people I used to know, I'm honoured and grateful to have known him at all. Rest In Peace mate.