Max book is here: Don't Puke On Your Dad

Well, it's been a long time coming but it's finally here. My 'year of parenting' drawings that started off being posted here have been collected and shaped (along with some new writing) into a book called 'Don't Puke On Your Dad'. It's out now through Beatnik Publishing, and I couldn't be more proud. Thanks to everyone who started following the story from the start here, it has been a long road and I think you'll be pleased and suprised with how it's turned out.

The book is available to order here: Beatnik Shop

And if you're in Auckland, we're having a party to celebrate the launch on Thursday 22nd August. Check out the video invite that Sonya helped me make here:
Launch Party Video

Change of scene

Hi, happy new year, nice shirt, I like your shoes, you look tanned.

As you've probably noticed I haven't been posting on here for a while. I've been busy packaging up the years worth of drawings of Max into a book (current working title: 'Don't Puke On Your Dad') and am looking into publishing options. I've also had a few other projects on the go, but most importantly been enjoying my first summer back home - we've been swimming and relaxing and BBQing and generally enjoying the heat and being home. Max continues to grow, of course.

Meanwhile, I've decided to have a little change of scene for a while. Until I start a new longer form project, I'm going to have a go at posting stray sketches, one off ideas and a few experiments over at - have a look.

And I'll keep you posted on here when there is news to share about the Max book.

Generous boy

Normally as I near the end of a long project, I'm kind of looking forward to the finish line, hanging out to get it wrapped up. I've got 10 more days left of Max's first year, which I always said this project would be, and I have to say that this time I've got mixed feelings. Will be hard to stop this one, been really enjoying it!

New Exhibition

Hey - so I've been slightly disorganised on the posts recently because, among things, I've been working on this show - a new collection of little paintings that opens in New York next Thursday. Check it out if you're in the neighbourhood, should be fun.